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In “Creating a Miracle Child with Yoga”, Dr. Gandhi details how the full potential of newborns can be achieved by combining conventional medicine with yogic lifestyle. “Harmonious and joyful parents, especially peaceful, confident and energetic mothers, are able to transfer these virtues, aptitude and attitude to her unborn fetus,” states Dr. Gandhi, who has amassed years of experience into the effects of yoga on pregnancies.
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Book Summary
"Creating a Miracle Child with Yoga" delivers practical advice for the novice and experienced yogi, including easy-to-follow instruction on yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, nodes of delivery and yogic diet. The book also advises expectant parents on the pros and cons of anesthesia during labor and guides them in how to have an enjoyable and productive postpartum period along with techniques to get back into pre-pregnancy weight and physiology.
Book Forward by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
President and Founder, Art of Living (Worldwide)
Chapter Topics
Chapter 1 : What is Yoga?
Yoga is especially good for relieving stress because it helps to channel out negative emotions and mental stress to help feel positive, energetic, and peaceful.
Chapter 2 : Yoga and the Preconception Stage
You and your spouse will play a vital role in creating a better future generation.
Chapter 3 : Yoga and Pregnancy
You will learn to focus your mind and become aware of yourself as a new being, one in harmony with nature and the world. You will achieve great inner strength and faith so that you can face labor and motherhood without any fear.
Chapter 4 : Yogic Postures for Pregnancy (Asanas)
"Yoga is not the physical exercises; it is changing lifestyle, changing mental attitude to positive way and, ultimately penetrating deep into the consciousness."
Chapter 5 : Yogic Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
"Breath controls the life. Breath is the force, breath is the energy"
Chapter 6 : Meditation
After all, life should be a continuous meditation with total surrendering to cosmic consciousness.
Chapter 7 : Creating a Life-Thrilling Experience with Labor
You will see the face of your newborn And instantly you will fall in love with him or her And all your pain will be forgotten.
Chapter 9 : Yogic Diet
It is not only important to count the calories that you consume, but also what you eat, when you eat, and with what attitude you eat.
Chapter 10 : Yoga and the Postpartum Period & Beyond
Pranayamas are extremely useful in reshaping your body and physiological systems
Chapter 11 : Wisdom to Live By
Happy and healthy family units make a strong nation and the universe a better place in which to live.
Chapter 12 : As Your Baby Grows
As the child grows, how to build the character of the child.
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